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 Industries We Serve

Agriculture & Food
(Rendering Facilities, Meat Processing, Fermented F&B, Manure Tanks, Farms, Storage, etc.)
(Property Management, Car & Car Rental Maintenance, Funeral Homes, Nail Salons, Fitness Centers, Painting & Remodeling, Pet Stores, Print Shops, Pool & Chemical Stores, etc.)
Disaster Restoration
(Remediation of Mold, Smoke, Biohazard, Chemical Fumes, etc. )
(Hotels, & Resorts, Restaurants & Bars, Cruise Ships, Timeshares, etc.)
(Sewage, Trash Sorting & Recycling, Composting, Chemicals, Containment Buildings, etc. )
(Hospitals, Dental, Doctors Offices, Senior & Day Care Centers, Veterinary Clinics, Ambulances, Police Cars, etc.)
(Hotels, & Resorts, Restaurants & Bars, Cruise Ships, Timeshares, etc.)
Green Technology at Work®

*Can be used in occupied spaces to eliminate odors

*Safe for people, animals and plants

*No effect on sensitive materials such as rubber, plastic, leather and electronics

*More effective & less expensive than filters, chemicals and ozone

Eliminate Odor Causing Eliminate VOCs Caused
Compounds Such As: by Products Such as:
Aldehydes Chlorines Tobacco Smoke Paints
Hydrogen Sulfide Phenols Upholstery Pesticides
Alcohols Acrylates Copy Machines Adhesives
Ketones Sulfur Dioxide Cleaning Agents Carpets
Amines  Ammonia Pest Repellants Chemicals
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